Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anthropomorphism- engaging the energy around us

Anthropomorphism is the the act of assigning human characteristics to non-human things.  Like when you insist that the computer is trying to drive you crazy or that the phone is dying.  Let's face it, we all do it to one degree or another.  I t can be an effective exercise to engage your spirituality with the universe as a whole.

I talk to my cars (Princess and Guinevere, to my husband's absolute disgust), to the birds on the patio, to the plants, to craft projects, to food and the computer.  If everything is filled with energy, why not appeal to that energy for cooperation and benevolence?  I pick my homes and crystals and friends based off of the energy they radiate, so why not apply the idea to the broader world.

While I was in Breckenridge, CO, recently, my husband, brother-in-law and I toured a distillery.  The assistant distiller mentioned that he names his tools, talks to the mash and has no problem sending good energy into the yeast he works with.  I was amused and appreciative of his efforts; it made me feel less silly to know that other people do the same thing.

Honoring the sacredness of all the earth is an important step to reintegrating ourselves into that sacredness. It honors the spirit of all things, including our own.  So, next time you are tempted to talk to the toaster or pat the car, go ahead and honor those energies that you make use of.  It can't hurt, and if nothing else, it is a way to mindfully engage your energy with those energies surrounding you.


  1. Have you been following me?...LOL I do those things including patting the car..who is named Bella the I have no problem adressing whatever enegies that are around me...besides if I didn't tell our house I love her who would ;)

  2. I told my husband that I am not the only person to name the vehicles. I love Bella the Behemoth, though. I agree with you though, if we didn't talk to things, who would? They would never know how we feel about them and would be sad. :)

  3. I am not amused with you naming my car. Even if it means fair, white and smooth. It is a white Jag so of course that fits but Guinevere end up being the reason for a battle and the death of King Arthur


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