Tuesday, July 12, 2011

While we aren't paying attention healing happens

I must admit that my tiny balcony garden does best when I  water it and leave it in a state of benign neglect.  That being said, I got a wonderful surprise a few days ago.  I stepped out onto the balcony to start the laundry and water the plants.  I was mostly distracted by whining kids and avoiding stepping on Matchbox cars.  As I dragged the hose across the balcony to water my last pot, a miniature rosebush on the rail, I noticed that it was in bloom;  the last time I had noticed it, I watered it with energized water and hoped it would survive.  Aphids and mildew had nearly killed it earlier in the spring.  I had trimmed it back to five spindly branches all without leaves.  I was sad for it, but was pretty sure it would die.

While I was busy with other things, it healed.  It has grown strong with new green leaves and healthy gloss.  It has two brilliant pink blooms getting ready to open, and I hadn't noticed it happening at all.  It was a wonderful gift, to be reminded that life goes on, in spite of the drama and daily irritations we face.  Beauty can emerge from illness and suffering, and life is good, if we let be.  Healing can happen, if we give it time and space and a little bit of love.  

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