Wednesday, July 13, 2011

She is

I feel insanely nervous about posting this here, and I'm not sure why.  I have posted it other places and  enjoyed the discussions that followed, but hesitated to include it here.  In the interest of doing something courageous today, here it is.

Her name does not matter.  What you see when you look at Her is a reflection of you.  What matters is that She is.  She is the mother who cradles you in illness and distress, who weeps with joy as you become, who is disappointed when you won’t.  She is the friend, who inspires and challenges you, who is your confidant and secret keeper.  She is the wise woman, who teaches and makes you uncomfortable in your skin, in an attempt to get you to shed the old, tattered one.  She is the moon and stars, dancing and twinkling against the night sky.  She is the strength of the Earth, the nourisher, the ever cycling one.  She is, and that is all that really matters.

When you approach her, with genuine desire to grow, she will help you, guide you.  Even if you can’t, she is full of love and sorrow for you.  She cries quiet tears as you first become a woman, knowing that pain and recurrence are part of what woman are.  She watched as girlhood blooms into womanliness, and She nudges you to embrace the beauty, the mystery and the strangeness that is life as a woman.

She rejoices in the stolen moments you find with your lover.  She knows your pain when your heart is bruised by another.  She will listen to your fears and your hurts, but she will not tolerate wallowing in self pity and despair.  She swells with pride each time you find beauty in darkness.  She smiles upon the union you find with your soul mate.

She is with you in all acts of creation, inspiring and challenging you to go further, to try something new.  She has pride in your accomplishments, even when you don’t.  She can be glimpsed in the slivers of beauty intersperse throughout the mundane chores and activities of life.

She is there in that moment of terrible pain as you push your child into the world.  She is there in the moment of euphoria when you realize that you have done it.  She is there in that awkward moment when you and your baby try to nurse for the first time, laughing and guiding.  She is there when you feel the satisfaction of having successfully fed your child.  She ruefully laughs the first time your baby thwarts your will, and She is there in every moment of pride you feel for your offspring.

 She is there in those moments of self doubt, when you see your youth begin to fade.  She sees beauty in those tiny lines and mature features.  Her role is that of Nature; She sees the completeness of your journey as you age, you are becoming.  She enjoys the wisdom you cultivate through experiences, and She celebrates with you as your life continues to evolve.

She is there with you in every moment of womanhood, in every joy, in every pain.  She is the sister, the friend, the mother, the grandmother, the teacher who will always be there with you, if you let Her.  She will not solve all your problems or indulge your petty whims, but She will not let you suffer needlessly.  Open you heart to Her, and She will whisper advice and reassurance to you when you most need it.  She will shower you with magic and power, but She will not force you to make use of it.  Call out to Her and invite Her in, you will not regret it.


  1. I absolutely love this it is beautiful and insightful. I love reading these


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