Saturday, July 2, 2011


"For I am of the Children of Forever
I dwell in far valleys and great silences
In strange light and cold air
And on some mornings
I can see a banner in the clouds."

-Patricia Kennealy-Morrison from Blackmantle, A Tale of Triumph

I love mornings, especially in the spring and fall.  I love the solitude and secrets of the dawn.  This morning, I woke slowly and to blissful quiet, a rare occurence in a small apartment with two active boys.

Mornings are full of possibility and subtle magic.  Bird song and the whisper of trees welcome the day.  The sun slowly creeps over the horizon to illuminate, to highlight.  The air is cooler, moister and the dew catches the light to glitter the landscape.

The morning often sets the tone of the day.  A calm morning helps me face the day with patience and grace.  A morning of harsh noises and overly bright light tends to make me rattled and prickly.  Morning is when I can gauge the progress of the seasons- the bird behavior, the insects, the succession of plants.  Mornings are when I do most of my writing and the least of my chores.  Mornings, like nights are the times of solitude, when I can choose to embrace my own company and no one else's.

Take joy and beauty where you find it.  Drink it in and hold it's energy within you.  Be part of the world, not an actor against a backdrop.  The sense of connection is worth the effort.

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  1. Thank you so much for this positive reminder. Starting the day out with a good outlook can make a huge difference, I am so much more productive when I start with a good (or quiet) morning.


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