Sunday, July 10, 2011


I dreamed one night that I was following around the characters of Twilight (ugh, I  know, but there is a point to this), every person I came in contact with had a glowing hourglass floating near them.  I was the only person who could see them, and they couldn't be ignored (Could you ignore a neon glowing hourglass the size of someone's head floating next to them?  It was very distracting).  At first, I couldn't see the pattern behind the ever changing timekeepers, but a bit of observation revealed their purpose.

As people made decisions, acted or reacted, the sand in the hourglass adjusted.  Some decisions shortened the time, others extended it.  Each person had a particular color and design to their hourglass.  They we fascinating and beautiful.

In a moment of blinding clarity, I understood.  We make our reality.  There are of course guidelines that should be followed, but we are ultimately in control.  We are the judges, the executioners, the assessors of our own lives.  We matter, and we affect and effect the future.  As we live our lives, we create reality, and in the end, most of our existence is of our own creation.  Seize the moment and take responsibility for your own reality.

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