Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Celebrations in the sun

I spent the afternoon with my dear friend, her mother and her children.  Her daughter is just six weeks old and she is so sweet.  It's funny how quickly a baby can capture a piece of your heart.

Sitting there, talking and laughing and holding this sweet little bundle of impatience and sweetness absolutely made my day.  It may have even made my week.  Most importantly, I am impressed with how gracefully her mother is settling into the role of mother of two.  It's a difficult transition, but she's doing so well.  It's times like these that being part of a circle of friends is so rewarding.  To love each other, to celebrate the joys and commiserate over the sorrows of womanhood.  To have someone to lean on and someone to laugh with is an incredible gift.

I am blessed with love from many people, and am more blessed to be able to love these people back.

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