Monday, June 27, 2011

What's wrong with you? What's wrong with us?

I sometimes feel like our society defines everything by way of psuedomedical diagnosis of disease.  Everything is a symptom of or condition or a disease.  Societal problems, economic matters, and even our personalities.  We wield medical terminology as lightly as our slang.  We look for cures and seek to innoculate against things.  If you are always looking for something wrong, you'll always find things that aren't what you consider right.

All of it rather annoys me.  It makes me feel like life is one big disease sometimes (my mom has a tee shirt that states "Life is a sexaully transmitted disease"), and I don't like that feeling.  I don't want to be defined my medical or psychological conditions. I don't want cures, I want solutions that make sense and last.  I want to see dialogs and reason and process, not bandages and amputations.  I don't want to hear a diagnosis of evil and pain and suffering as though it is a disease contracted through careless and unsanitary contact.

War, poverty, civil unrest, misery, hunger are terrible things.  But diagnosing them as they though they are a malady that can be easily cured with a single, simple shot demeans all of us.  It takes away our agency and it devalues history, culture and experience.  It boils everything down to healthy or diseased. It makes it easy to say "let's study this more" and "the cure for this is", but it also makes it incredibly easy to say it's incurable and ignore it.

Rather than looking for cures, let's take some time and discuss the situations of the world.  Let's accept that there is and will never be a single cure for misery or violence.  Let's talk about how we all have a stake in humankind and let's try to appreciate different world views rather than expecting that there is only one right way to be.  If we look for disease, we will find symptoms we can group together to call a syndrome.  If we look at suffering and ask,"How can I help you?" we will find solutions that work, not one for every situation, but certainly at least one for each situation. Existence isn't a disease, let's stop treating it as such.

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  1. I can say this a surefire "cure" for all of it is LOVE, but your right if we only see things in diseased or healthy...or even right or miss the bigger picture. Wonderful post.


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