Saturday, June 25, 2011

Violence against the mind, against the soul

Many people believe violence to be a physical act.  It damages the body, but as a society, we don't often speak as openly about other forms of violence, which often do far more damage than is admitted.  Violence can be more subtle, it can leave no visible bruises or damage to the body, while at he same time, permanently ruining the mind and the soul.  I have long been aware of this form of abuse.  I have seen it wielded as a weapon against people to keep them in abusive relationships.  I have read about epistimological violence against Native Americans (it was a rather a cornerstone of my education- uncomfortable and shame inducing, but ultimately necessary). It is the violence which is used to keep people in their place by damaging their dreams and their psyches to the point that they will not fight for themselves.

This form of violence is used by the wealthy against the poor, to make the poor believe that they are flawed in some manner to explain their station in life.  It is used to coerce people into converting to faiths by way of making them fear afterlives of torment.  It has been used to cause women to allow themselves to be sedated during childbirth.  It is used to promote war and atrocity.  Long after the moment the violence is perpetuated, the scars, invisible and festering, linger on.  They are passed from one person to another (often from parent to child) and continue to operate long after the situation has passed.

It is with these thought in mind that I watch the political and social situations of the United States.  I see people rushing to inflict their views on all others.  I see violent metaphors and obviously sick souls trying to create their narrow view of "right" on to us all.  I see a nation that is sanctioning war and atrocities on people in the the Middle East.  America has used terrorism to promote it's agenda, but reacts as righteous victim when it is used against us.  We claim that the government is of the people, for the people and by the people, but we allow money and factions to run our elections.  Innocent men are sentenced to death. The unborn are favored above the child who is here now and wanting for food, shelter and education.  Our tax system is uneven and our healthcare system is not about care at all, but for profit only.  Intolerance is being codified and violence is defended, if it happens to coincide with our argument.

I challenge you to look at the ways you may be unwittingly promoting violence, especially those violences against the minds , hearts and souls of others.  It's time to turn away from violence and to work towards peace.  The cycles of violence that are constantly being replayed have destroyed enough.  If we focused nearly as much energy on feeding the people of the world, on education , on learning about each other, as we do campaigning (a word with a long violent history) and warmongering, we would see a very different world.


  1. Wonderful post! Your passion and intelligence is comendable. When you decide to take on the world I humbly ask to be your LT. ;)

  2. Thank you! You and Stacy unwittingly contributed to this post. As far as taking on the world, I'm trying but he world is being very resistant to my manipulations (sigh).


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