Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tools: The Heart of Faerie Oracle

It is often difficult to decide how to make changes in our lives.  A little help can go along way to soothing our fears and helping us open up to possibilities.  The last two posts in my "Tools" series were based on the internet, like this blog, but this last tool, is one that you can make use of at home, completely privately.  Brian Froud's Heart of Faerie Oracle cards are an incredible tool for spiritual development.

These cards differ from the traditional tarot cards in that they are representing beings who have moved past human concerns and who can offer a great deal of advice.  The cards are beautiful and unique, much like the beings they represent, but they also have a very personal quality.  They are also extremely honest (I can't tell you how many times these cards have offered up answers and advice that I didn't want to hear, but that I could acknowledge as being perfectly true). The deck is less structured and less symbolic than tarot cards, but also more intuitive to use; it also includes several cards for which you have to develop the meanings for yourself- which sounds daunting, but forces you to try out your intuition and develop some confidence.  The faeries also have a sense of humor, reflected by cards titled "The Big Behind" and "Oh No!", which represent exactly what they sound like they should.

These cards can help you work through your fears and embrace change.  They won't help you decide what's for dinner or whether you should break up with your boyfriend.  They don't tell the future, but they can point the way to future you create.  Use them with the more lighthearted The Faeries Oracle for more detailed readings or on their own.  They are an incredible tool full of fun, good advice and enlightening looks at yourself.

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