Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rare commodities

A rare Saturday, precious for that rarity, alone with only myself for company.  Solitude in which only me and my higher self are here.  There is a decadence to this sensation, a feeling of joy and naughtiness that makes me FEEL.  To hear only my own noises and that of the rain pour down outside the open windows.  The smell of wool steaming in it's acid dye.  Reading and laughing with myself.  Communing with LIFE. Enjoying being ME, with no strings and no roles attached.  I am for the first time in a long while, doing what the hell I feel Like and not caring what anyone else is doing or saying or needing.  No one to ask me questions or interrupt my thoughts.  Just the rain.  Dancing to goddess chants and swaying with the sounds of a storm.  Remembering, awakening who I am, when I am not anyone else.  Savoring stillness and cool air.  All of my senses awake and functioning to make this time feel more real than the rest of my life.  Giving birth to myself out of the character I am from day to day.

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