Sunday, June 5, 2011

Messages I can't ignore

From time to time, I get messages I can't ignore.  They don't come in the mail or over the phone lines.  They are directly delivered to my brain.  I'd think they were simply stray thoughts, but they don't sound like me.  The cadence, vocabulary and syntax are all different from my habitual patterns.  The information is always unexpected and strong.  It can be a bit uncomfortable, to suddenly realize that you are thinking something that isn't yours, but it can be a huge lesson in trusting yourself and the Universe, to acknowledge and deliver the message.

Sometimes the information is as simple as the flash of an image.  Other times, it is complex, detailed and verbal.  The first time I can recall this happening, I was with my mother at a psychic fair.  She was getting a healing and I was sitting around the corner from her, listening with half and ear, but mostly just people watching.  The healer, I can vaguely recall, was talking about my mother's father when I suddenly had the urge to blurt out this huge amount of information about my grandfather.  As I started to speak, I realized that these words were not mine and struggled to control myself.  I can't remember the message, but I can recall that the message was vitally important and absolutely correct.  It scared me a lot at the time.  Since then, I have had other experiences similar.  Sometimes it might be to suddenly notice that somebody has dropped something they will need and returning it to them.. Other times, I might create a spell or meditation for them on the spot to help them move beyond a problem.  At times I a m drawn to read somebody's blog or comments  and reply when normally I wouldn't.

Once these messages are in me, I'm not allowed to rest until I use it.  The messages are rarely for my personal use and often pertain to the lives of others.  Sometimes, I know where the information is coming from, like when my great grandmother appeared in a dream preparing me for my son's uniqueness, or when my late father-in-law comments on family events.  Those are easy, but the sudden rush of words into mind about something I have no clue about (like the woman asking for a spell candle to help her with her relationship at the local metaphysical store) are much more uncomfortable.  I can't substantiate my information, and it is rude to invite yourself into other people's conversations.  Sometimes I can subtly convey these messages my making eye contact with someone and then leaving a hint, like a book pulled slightly out on a shelf or commenting on how nice a particular candle smells.  Other times, I swallow back the words trying to escape and wait for the impulse to leave.  Invariably, ignoring these messages leaves me with a headache or sore throat.

Today's message was to sit down and write this down and send it out into the world.  Wherever these messages come from, they require trust and strength of personality.  Learning to trust our spirit guides and higher selves is an important part of spiritual development.  We often know more than we think and the more open we are to those helpful voices that try to guide us, the easier our journey is.  That's not to say that violent or malevolent messages and impulses should be acted on, but that we need to develop a process for analyzing these messages and then deciding when and how to use the information.    Don't ignore messages from your higher self, the Universe or your spirit guides without thinking about them.  You are receiving messages for a reason, but you always have a choice in acting on the information you receive.


  1. That's really interesting, and I imagine at times it can be both fulfilling and quite a burden as well.

    It is SO important that we pay attention to the messages we get, in which ever way we get them. Thanks so much for this post!

  2. Thanks, Stacy for commenting. It is,as you imagine, both.

    That's part of why we write, though, isn't it?



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