Thursday, June 23, 2011

Magical you

I am magical, just ask my kids.  My witchcraft is all over the house from the kitchen to the bedrooms, out on the balcony and in my computer. I can transform paper into airplanes and hats.  I make monster cookies with no recipe and I clay and paint into fairy teacups.  I've even caused the bathtub to erupt like a volcano. I spend a lot of time with my kids and their absolute faith in the magic of life has rubbed off on me.  Embracing your magical powers adds fun, power and inspiration to your life, just as it has mine.

You can wield magic, but first, you have to learn to recognize what magic is.  It is around us and in us, at all times.  You can consciously invite it into your life by honoring the tiny acts of magic and creation you do everyday.  Sowing seeds and helping them to grow into beautiful flowers or delicious food is a powerfully magical thing to do.  Transforming raw ingredients into a delicious treat is alchemy at it's most basic.  Repairing or refurbishing old, broken or useless items into things that are again useful is creative.  Transformation is creative magic at heart.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog. Make my heart smile! A wonderful and uplifting message. Blessings! ~)O(~


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