Monday, June 20, 2011

I have come to the conclusion that life is

I have come to the conclusion that changing my life is simply a matter of changing my perspective, adjusting to the discomfort of a new, unfamiliar situation, and going on with my life.  Okay, in practice, it doesn't always work out quite so easily, but the steps to making any lasting change are that simple.

Take weight loss, for example, I am losing weight by way of little changes and new choices.  I started by recognizing my problem and then making a plan of attack.  I don't cut anything completely out of my life. I started by drinking more water each day.  Then I added a bit of exercise.  I try to sleep a solid 8 hours each night and remember to take a multivitamin in the morning.  When I'm hungry, I stop and think about whether I really am hungry and then I look for the healthiest, tastiest food available.  Yes I still eat my beloved chocolate and fast food once in while, but I eat a little less, skip the mayo on my burger and stop when I start to get full, rather than focusing on finishing.  These changes didn't happen over night. They aren't hard and fast rules.  I don't feel guilty when I eat something unhealthy, I simply decide to make a different choice next time.

The reward for figuring out how I best change has been a smaller tummy and less guilt.  It has improved my day to day life, my health and my self worth.  Learning about yourself is vitally important to your well being.  We are all different and we all respond to change in different ways.  If you are an adventurer, change is more exciting for you.  If you are the solid, stable sort, change is uncomfortable.  Learn about how you deal with change by writing down a list of changes you've seen in your life and examine how you reacted.  Once you do that, you can learn how to best adjust your perspective.  Change your perspective by looking at things a different way, substitute words that you use for more positive ones. What begins awkward and uncomfortable, becomes habit, if we keep it up.

Change is inevitable, but how we deal with it is completely up to us.  It doesn't have to be bad, all we have to do is look, see, decide and do.

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