Monday, May 9, 2011

The joy of sisterhood

I spent this weekend with a good friend of mine.  We used to see each other everyday, but after we both moved, it has gotten harder to coordinate of schedules.  I didn't realize until today, just how much I had missed her; how much some of the strong, slightly off beat and amazing women I call my friends enrich my life.  They are the people who accept me just the way I am and who expect nothing more from me than the same.

Even the friends from whom I have grown somewhat apart mean a great deal to me and my life.  They are the reminders of who I used to be and they often represent other paths I could have taken.  From the friend who stood next to me as my maid of honor as I got married to the best friend from elementary school, these are the people who helped me create myself.  Those friends from college you I've recently got back in touch with and the lovely older women who have since passed away have helped to shape my life with their wisdom, their unique perspectives and their strength.  Each of them has added a bit of herself to me, making my life richer and more colorful. I can only hope that I have done the same for them.  From life crises to hair experiments gone terribly wrong, these women have helped me keep my sanity and sense of humor.  They often inspire my best ideas and are never afraid to tell me the truth.

Sisterhood, whether literal or figuraitve is an important facet of womanhood.  Our "sisters" support us when we are sick or hurting or in need.  They laugh and celebrate life's most amazing moments with us.  They help us define ourselves and make decisions and raise our kids and create new ideas.  Celebrate your "sisters"; they know you in ways that no one else does. Get in touch with a friend you haven't heard from in a while, reconnecting and sharing will make you feel great.  Here's to all of my "sisters", "Cheers!"

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