Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stuff that takes on a life of its own while it takes over mine

My life is full of stuff. You know, objects of dubious usability and value. Out of style clothing, pieces of paper, kitchel utensils that I use once a year. It falls out of closets and clutters up my desk, which is half the reason I'm writing this post from by phone. It's everywhere, and I'm pretty sure that it is reproducing when I'm not looking. It feed off my energy and time, growing bigger and stronger each day.

I am 95% certain that I really don't need a third of my stuff, but everytime I try to get rid of it, I get overwhelmed and close the closet again. It sucks up energy and time and space that could be better used on other things.

When our lives become too focused the physical and the mundane details of everyday, magic and spirituality often get drowned out. We become unhappy and focus on all the wrong things. Letting go of our attachments to things (especially wasteful and unnecessary things) can help us focus on experiences and people. It frees up our time and our energy, allowing newness to flow into us.

I encourage you to join me in letting go of the "stuff" in my life. Cleaning out the closets and passing my excess stuff on will not only free up space in a small apartment, but it will allow useless stuff to be made useful again. It will end stagnation and encourage change. It allows me to reflect on what is really important to who I am, reflect on the past and make space for the future. Magic is everywhere and all actions have the potential to harness it. Getting rid of clutter doesn't have to be simply a chore. It can be a ritual for creating lasting and meaningful change in all areas of your life.

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