Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Owning your past, not letting it own you

Everybody's past is full of experiences, both good and bad, that shape us into who we are.  These are the experiences that we celebrate and the ones we're ashamed of.  They are the moments that we planned for and the things that snuck up on us.  Whether the sum of your past is good or bad or whatever, it is important to acknowledge the way in which you past- whether you are talking about your personal past, your family's past or your ethnic/cultural past- shapes you.

Who you are now, and who you will be in the future, is based upon your reactions to the experiences of the past.  You have agency and power to create yourself.  The past doesn't create us; the choices we make, as we go through life, do.  It's important to make peace with your past.  Acknowledge what has happened, examine your choices, accept that you have learned and changed, and move on with your life.  By doing this, you are taking possession of your past.  You are authoring your own history.  You are declaring that the past doesn't own you.

Taking charge or yourself, and your past experiences, is a huge step towards changing your life.  Before you can change anything, you have to understand why it is the way it is.  Once you've done that, you can proceed with renovations.  Start with some self study, move on to creating a vision, then draft a plan.  After that, you are well on the path to change.

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