Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everyday Creativity

I firmly believe that creativity is basic to human nature.  We are all capable of creating, but we tend to dismiss many of these acts as mundane.  I don't agree.  Cooking a meal that is nourishing and tasty is an act of creation just as much as painting a picture.  It's more useful and doesn't last as long, but it is created just the same.  It requires knowledge and skill and time and energy.

Lots of people claim that they aren't creative, but I'd like to draw your attention to some creative acts that often go unnoticed.  My husband is an automotive technician; he repairs exotic vehicles.  Of course this doesn't sound very creative, but I have seen him fabricate new parts in order to complete a repair; he has come up with easier ways of completing repairs.  He uses imagination and knowledge to track down the cause of a customer's complaint when the answer is not obvious.  He changes broken into functional everyday.  A friend of ours likes to call him the Michaelangelo of auto repair, because he is so good at what he does that his work seems like magic.

My mother and and a friend of mine, both claim to not be creative, but if you look around their homes, both decorated with exquisite attention to detail to create pleasing and comfortable spaces, you cannot deny that a great deal of creativity has gone into their homes.  They magically turn places into homes.

Whether you decorate, craft, garden, cook or repair, you are capable of creativity.  Honoring this in yourself can help you feel powerful and capable or changing the world.  Go out and make something, then appreciate your own creativity by enjoying it. Changing your perspective will change how things feel, if you give it the chance.

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