Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where am I going?

Do you ever feel like somebody forgot to give you the map when you started your life?  Frequently, I wonder which turn I missed that led me so far astray from my plans.  Other times, I am simply amazed by where I've gone. Right now, I'm surveying my options and starting my map.

If I were to draw a map of my life, it would involve mountains and hidden valleys.  The topography would be steep and jagged, and flat ground would not be  major feature.  Some of those mountains, I would have climbed, while others have been left unexplored.  Green trees and brush would camouflage the rock. I know secret and hidden treasures, and these would like waterfalls and caves tucked in among the stones and trees.  A sparkling, clean river (all those things I've learned) and all of it's tributaries would wind along the mountains until it met a vast, deep, blue lake high among the mountaintops. Right now, I'd locate myself on a mountain, as I try to decide where to go next.

What would your life look like if it was a landscape?  Where are you going?  Since nobody hands you a map and tells you where to go, you have to explore your own life, but making a map is incredibly useful.  Don't worry about the "mistakes" too much, maps are constantly revised.

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