Thursday, April 14, 2011

My little healer

The one of my two sons is a born healer and psychic.  From the moment I became aware of him, I knew he was full of magic. He has often known things before he was told.  He tells us that before he was born into this life, he came from another family and another reality.  This world is confusing and frustrating to him. He can sense people's pain and often times relieve it with a soft touch, and he cannot control his own.

We discovered his gifts when he was still very small, only three years old.  This was the same time that I began to develop intense headaches, later diagnosed as migraines.  There were days when I would be laying on my bed in the dark, suffering.  He would quietly climb up next to me and sit near my head with his beautiful little fingers on my temple.  Silent, with huge,sparkling brown eyes and an elfin face, he would watch me until I was better.

Since then, he has eased my pain, as well as that of friends and family many times.  He is learning about people's bodies and their illnesses; most astonishing, he is very at peace with his gift.  He loves plants and is fascinated by the power they have to heal us. He has always preferred fruits and vegetables over any other foods.  Silence and solitude and nature comfort him.

I am often in awe of his perceptive nature, but I worry about how sensitive he is to the world around him.  He is smart and sweet and in such a hurry to grow up and change the world.  He doesn't understand other kids, in general, but he is often the first to comfort them when they are hurting.  My hope for him is that he can keep is compassion and his desire to change things for the better, at the same time, I hope he learns not give himself away too lightly.

If you have a psychic child in your life, you understand how amazing and frustrating they can be.  They need so much from us, by way of reassurance and explanation, but they can teach us so many lessons if we let them.  Open hearts make for true communication, so listen to them and accept their words as wisdom.  In the long run, it helps them learn confidence and helps us on our spiritual journeys.

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