Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Environmetalism and spirituality

“I pledge allegiance to the Earth
and all the Life which it supports.
One Planet
in our care,
with sustenance and respect for all.”

-Author Unknown

I worship gods and goddesses of the earth and the sky.  I live in the world around me, not simply upon the earth.  It is part of me and I am part of it.  When I die, I will return to it and I will again be part of it.  This belief system causes me to see environmental protection as a spiritual issue in addition to a social and political one.  It is my duty to myself, my children and my gods to be aware of the mess I make on the planet and do my best to help repair damage that has already been done.

I am angry that the Republican Party (and even more angry that everyone else is just letting them try) has decided to try to eliminate the E.P.A. and that America subsidizes oil corporations.  I am saddened that some people won't recycle or even consider driving less, in spite of all the scientific evidence that the planetary climate has been changing since the Industrial Revolution.  When I was in elementary school, we began to learn about green house gases and global warming and extinction.  I never imagined that twenty some years later, that people, many of whom can't tell you what a food web is or the steps of the water cycle, would publicly doubt the evidence that something, something not good, is happening to the planet's climate and ecosystems.

We are being poisoned everyday by our society, and now, we are expected to sacrifice our health and the health of future generations of the earth's creatures, for the sake of corporate profits and political power and sheer laziness and ignorance.  The earth is polluted with chemicals that are unnatural and toxic and mobile.  Plants and animals that have existed for millenia before humankind are dying everyday.  I firmly beleive this to be part of why so many people are unhappy.  How can we thrive, if our world is not?

Today, I reaffirm my commitment to doing what I can to fight climate change and pollution.  I will recycle as much as I can.  I will use less water and power.  I will drive my car as little as possible.  I will write letters and sign petitions encouraging the leaders of the world to make policies that help the planet and its inhabitants. I will ask my community to make greener choices.  I will use fewer chemicals in my house.  I will make greener choices, because I want to try to change the world. Every little bit helps.  Check out www.earthday.org to pledge an act of green in honor of Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day!

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