Monday, March 21, 2011

Magic around the house

Scattered around my home are little bits of magic.  Some are obvious, others subtle and personal.  I wonder how many places you keep magic at home.  Look around, you you have lucky charms or a jar full of coins to fund your next adventure? How about a totem or effigy? A candle to remind you of someone or something?  Today I looked around my home and noticed how many pieces of a magical nature can be spotted by the observant.  I realized, that they tell a story about life in this space, past, present and future. You might wonder what type of things I'm talking about, so I'll share.

Here, at my desk, there are crystals on the computer and an inspiring backgrounds on my computer desktop, email accounts and phone.  There is a cauldron (a little one) in the kitchen.  The fireplace mantle in the living room holds my golden spider and his dish of coins, a small goddess figure and an offering dish.  In a inconspicuous corner, my spell cabinet and god and goddess plaques hang above a rocking chair covered in star fabric.  On top of that little cabinet live my wish boxes, papier mache boxes shaped like little houses and containing pieces of paper with my hopes on them. I change the accents of the living room with the seasons. It's time now for silk flowers in cheerful colors, butterflies and birds to welcome Spring.  My curtains have glittery stars stenciled at the top, so that I can always look at the stars.  Little keepsakes of our our life-changing events and our travels are sprinkled here and there. Pewter dragonflies, like faery helpers, hold our keys next to the door. Witch balls hang all over the house.  My favorite is from Kitras Art Glass, a winter Tree of Enchantment.  These little pieces of magic represent the hopes and dreams of my family, as much as the snapshots hanging in the hall.  The colors of blue and purple promote calmness and spirituality, and the numerous books show our love of reading and our desire to keep learning.  We have candles for light, candles for remembrance, candles for scent. Our patio is a miniature garden with roses and blackberries in pots alongside violas and English daisies.The bedroom my sons share is painted a cheerful yellow to promote happiness, and there beds are covered with rainbow stripes.  We made special dragons for each boy to chase away bad dreams, and soon they will hang from the ceiling, along with the glow -in-the-dark stars. My husband and I sleep in our room, painted a romantic blush and accented with black and white.  Even the bathroom hasn't escaped my "witchiness"(as my husband calls it); one cabinet is full of homemade bath salts.  A box on the counter holds the various oils and herbs I use for crafting candles and bath products.

I didn't really start out creating a magical home, but now, as I prepare for a visit from my mom, I look around and see myself and family reflected in unexpected places.  This is our little kingdom and it is full of magic, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  What does your space say about you?  How does it make you feel?  Making a place yours doesn't happen all at once, but once done, it can be a great way to express your personality and your creativity.  Color and art and texture can give a visitor subtle clues about you.  your knickknacks tell a story about your past and your interests.  They can remind you of the past or help you remember what you are still looking for.  Your house may reflect your sense of fun or may be your sanctuary, what ever it says about you, it is a reflection of your uniqueness.

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