Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life, death and water

The Bay Area is riddled with creeks and canals.  Whether natural or man made, the life blood of the land travels from one place to another. The plants and animals thrive along the waterways. They are the connection between all things living here, from plants and wild animals to the human communities strewn across the land.

Today, I am reminded that human things may disrupt nature, but we cannot completely dominate it.  The creek I am watching was, a couple of weeks ago, the scene of a tragedy for my community. Two young men, looking for a bit of adventure, attempted to navigate the creek and canal system by raft after a storm. Misjudging the power of the water, they lost their lives. A memorial to these boys now overlooks the creek. As sad as these events are, there is still an incredible beauty to the creek. The water winds its way, unstopping toward the ocean. Songbirds are building there nests, and today, a stunningly gorgeous red tailed hawk is hunting with it's wings shining and spread.

Life, nature, carries on without us. We need to appreciate this fact always, for if we don't nature itself will remind us. We are taken off guard by death caused by nature because we are often somewhat divorced from, rather than being part of it. My heart aches from the sadness I feel for two families here, in Walnut Creek, and for thousands in Japan who have lost so much to nature recently, but I will not stop loing the beauty I see in it. I will remember, and I will respect; I will not turn my back on it either.

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