Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The springing of the year

Although much of the United Sates is still huddled under the snow, here in the Bay Area, spring has begun.  The geese are coming back to roost.  The wild turkeys are roaming the streets in the morning and the deer are mysteriously absent.  Dogwood trees are flowering, gently dropping their blossoms like snow.  Crocus and spring lilies are adding their colors to the mix.  It's a beautiful time of year here.  The sky is blue and the temperature gently warm.  Wind chimes sing and trees whisper with the wind.

Suprisingly, I missed the signs that it was coming.  I got wrapped up in helping my son with his science fair project and the everyday concerns of life.  I was grouchy and tired and overwhelmed.  The whole family seemed to feel the same.  While I wasn't looking the transformation of winter to spring began.

During the dark weeks when the clouds seemed like they would never leave, sadness and depression hung over us, but today they are only a memory. However, when the rainy winter ends here, I miss the sound of rain falling in the night.  I miss the smell and sight of fog in the morning and the beauty of the bare trees silhouetted against a foggy grey sunrise.  they will not return for another year. If you are still snowed under and freezing, take a moment to appreciate some beautiful part of the winter that you will miss when it goes.  Like all things, inter makes way for the newness of spring.  Spring will give birth to summer and the autumn ages into the winter again.

Beauty and serenity and renewal are everywhere at all times, but in the dark , cold winter it is harder to remember and harder to see.  the new leaves and flowers of spring will arrive when you stop looking for signs of their arrival.  They will surprise and delight you if you allow them to.  

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