Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Faery Tale imagery

I love the quiet neighborhood my son attends school in.  The mornings, in spite of the dense population are strangely quiet, wild and magical.  In three years, I have witnessed mother deer with their fawns searching for food.  I have seen magnificent sunrises.  The wild turkeys lately have been visiting the neighborhood; if you have never seen one up close, their feathers are astonishingly beautiful with iridescent greens, golds and copper. Fog and silhouetted trees are fascinating sights in the winter. Fiery color lights up the autumn.  The tulip trees are in bloom now, and the oaks are beginning to bud.

The oak tree that I often park next to is fun in the winter.  It's roots have formed a basin which collects water, like a little faery pool. Today, as I was saying goodbye to my son, I noticed that the tree's trunk was sparkling, literally.  The sun was at just the perfect angle to highlight the droplets of sap, the dew and spiderwebs as glowing sparkles.  The little basin of water reflected the light of the sun, making the tree glow even more.

These little gifts of beauty in ordinary situations take my breathe away.  They inspire me and make me want to share them with everyone.  this morning, my 8 year old son stopped to admire the effect.  Then, he pulled out his magnifying glass and announced that spiderwebs are pretty.  One more kiss goodbye and he skipped off like an elf.  I sat there for a minute and felt grateful for that beautiful experience.  Then I drove away.

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