Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Moon phases as tools for self improvement

People have used the phases of the moon to track time for millenia.  It is predictable and reliable, and for ancient people who couldn't glance at their watch or cell phone, this was an important way to track seasons, and celestial events and plantings and harvesting. 

Most of us in the modern world don't need to pay much attention to that ever changing glow in the night sky, but it can help you to focus your intentions and track your goals in a relatively short term fashion.  Say your goal is to lose weight.  An ideal moon phase for this is the waning moon (as the moon grows smaller after the full moon).  Lighting a candle, with your weight loss goal carved into it, is an excellent way to focus your intention on getting smaller (the moon is getting smaller, the candle is getting smaller, you are getting smaller).  This mini ritual can help you to focus on your goals as well as on ways to prevent set backs.  It's also very forgiving because the moon will return to this exact phase, in 28 days, so if you goof up, or lose your will power, you can simply start over. 

Use the new moon phase for banishing negativity, debt, or your ex.  The full moon is an excellent time to to work on big goals (like finding your soul mate, changing your life in general, or finding luck).  The waxing moon (as it grows from dark to full) is a great time to grow your prosperity or fertility or even plant your garden.

These simple tools can help you connect with yourself and the universe around you.  So, tonight, if the weather permits, look up at the sky and focus on a single goal that fits the moon phase.  Spend a few minutes concentrating on linking the idea to the moon phase.  In four weeks, take a look at this goal again, are you any closer?  I'll bet you are, because you now have it your head and schedule to track it.

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