Thursday, October 28, 2010

A moment of peace

I wake before dawn Monday through Friday.  Get the kids ready for the day, pack lunch, make breakfast, straighten up, make the beds, get the kid to school.  Mornings are typically hectic and stressful without anything resembling peace until the sun is firmly affixed in the sky.  This morning was like any other: stressful, full of bickering and chores.  But for a few moments today, I unexpectedly made contact with peace.

Sitting in my parked car, facing the eastern sky towards Mount Diablo, with my headphones on and the kids harassing each other in the back seat, I got a few, uninterrupted moments of joyful, beautiful serenity.  I watched the sunlight rise above the tree line, throwing oaks and liquid amber trees into silhouette against a slate blue and gold sky.  Clouds moving across the valley slowly changed shape and texture, as the wind pushed them along.  Music and light and color combined for just a moment to make the world seem calmer, more beautiful and more peaceful than it real is.

This was a gift. A wonderful, unsought for gift that I didn't even realize I wanted.  I am grateful for the quiet in gave my heart.  Once in a while, we all just need to stop and watch the world go by.  It's amazing and immense.  We need to be part of our landscape, not just actor in front of a background.  We need to feel part of something bigger than ourselves, and if we can let go of the mundane tasks we mire ourselves in, we can be part of the earth.  We can have joy and peace, if only we will sit still long enough.

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