Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seasonal psychic cleaning for your home

I live in a close knit apartment community, and lately, we have all been under huge amounts of stress.  Lawsuits, job searches, business travel, sick kids, money woes- bad energy has come to settle in our homes. 

How do I know that my house is full of negative energy , you ask? We're all tired; even when we wake from a reasonably peaceful sleep we're tired.  The kids are more unruly than usual; their sleep and health disrupted.  Tempers are jagged and anxiety is a common emotion.  More subtle is the electronics that have stopped working-DVD players that suddenly die, aquarium pumps failing, car trouble, weird smells, drooping plants and a generally less welcoming atmosphere than we typically see have all been signs that things are out of whack.

Where we live tends to pick up and hold some of our energy, just as it holds our physically belongings.  Sometimes, our homes get just as much negative energy built up as we do.  It manifests itself differently.  Sometimes its obvious things like your electronics get overwhelmed.  Other times it might just be an oppressive feeling you get when you walk in.  However it manifests to you, if it's their, it's got to go.

It's time for a psychic house cleaning.  I start mine with generally cleaning up the house and garden.  Get rid of junk, garbage and old things that aren't useful any more.  Not only does this free up some space, it also signals to your brain that you are getting rid of the old energy.  Feed your houseplants, dust mop and change the bedding.  Now that the boring stuff is done, sprinkle salt in your windowsills , start at the northern most point and work counterclockwise.  This is the motion for banishing.  Sprinkle salt on the carpet, it doesn't need to be a lot.  Now vacuum it all up.  Voila, you have just cleaned your house- both physically and psychically.  If you want, light some soothing candles or spritz some distilled water scented with a few drops of calming essential oils.  Now, relax, you've earned it.

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