Monday, April 13, 2015

Over-scheduled, again

Last year, I got tot this point of the year, and I promised myself that I wouldn't do this again. I told myself that I would not over-schedule the last two months of school. I tried, I really tried to avoid doing this, but the calender is not all up to me, and there are things I need to get to, even though I'd rather skip them.  So, I'm slogging my way through hoping that I don't collapse at the end of this week.

This week, I'm committed to a phone meeting, Advocacy Day, Multicultural Night (which I have to cook for after Advocacy Day), and a couple of low key meetings.  Next week, I've got more meetings, my husband's birthday, and some deadlines.  The following week is all prep for other things and two band concerts, and then my husband will be heading to Atlanta for training for most of the following week. Looking at my calender, I don't get another break until the third week of May, and then it's only that week that isn't packed to the gills. C'est la vie, right?

I hope you are having better luck keeping your schedule tamed, and hopefully, all of this craziness will inspire some interesting future posts.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Grateful for little things

The last couple of months have been stressful. We've had a wide variety of things to deal with that all sap a little of our energy and take up our time until we are tired, behind on our work, and cranky.  At the same time, the thing that often saves us is our ability to be grateful for little things.

Take Tuesday for example, my husband had to go into work two hours early, but those two hours were the most productive he's had in a week, because no one else was there and he could simply concentrate on his tasks.  I'm grateful that my garden is thriving on recent rainfall and grey water recycled from kitchen tasks like rinsing veggies.  The boys are grateful to be back at school with their friends after spring break.  I'm grateful I didn't run out of gas yesterday when I forgot the car was low.

It's important to embrace these moments of gratitude. They can be your shield and sometimes, even your sword against bad moods.  Acknowledge the bad things, the little inconveniences in your life, but don't forget to really thank your lucky stars for things that go right.