Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Silly boars, no I mean boats!

 Back to school is crazier this year than ever, and that's pretty funny since the kids aren't going anywhere.  Really, sometimes, I have to laugh until I'm breathless about how silly that is.

I've got a kid doing Transitional Kindergarten, one in 8th grade, and a high school senior all learning at home.  I'm trying to get organized, but I'm failing pretty miserably if my current situation is any indication. I'm sitting in my undies, trying to cool off, and doing four things at once (writing this is the least taxing of those). The living room looks like it exploded. 

This is not a great time for me to be having anxiety attacks, but here we are.  Talking to friends, they are hyperventilating along with me, so at least I'm not lonely.

I hope you are coping, especially if you are a parent or a teacher trying to muddle through this wild new territory.  Gods be with you!  Remember that good enough is enough. Kids learn even when we think they aren't, and everybody is in this same silly boat. Maybe in a couple weeks, we all start rowing together and making some progress. 

Friday, August 7, 2020


 Today, my younger son, my middle child turns thirteen.  He's officially a teenager, and he's stepping into a long period of transitions.  My older son was pretty excited to be a teenager. This kid, he's pretty hesitant, but he's also very aware that childhood is leaving him. He's fond of mischief and play. he's got big ideas and a fiery approach to life that sometimes wears us out, but he's been an incredible adventure. You never know what he'll come with next.

This week, he's been trying on responsibility, reliability, and freedom.  He's not sure it suits him, but he's trying to get comfortable in his new mental and social space.  It will be a while before my family makes another transition like this. My daughter is still little enough to carry when she's unhappy.  My other son is months away from 18.  It's an interesting place to be- between the little one and the big one and with one who is just on the edge of something that is neither.

Once again, I feel the urge to call on Mercury, of all deities, to walk with my young traveler.  For his brother, I asked for protection. For this son, I ask him to help my son continue to know passion and curiosity and fun.  I ask him to protect my son from falling in with the wrong friends, and most of all, I ask him to continue to help my son see the beauty in creating change for the better.