Thursday, December 21, 2017

Happy Winter Solstice

Tonight, the longest of the year, in the northern hemisphere is a time for hope.  I bless us all with hope, with joy, with light to illuminate the way forward, and with a sense of curiosity that pushes us to search out answers for every question.  Happy solstice, summer or winter, and many, many blessing to you.

Monday, December 18, 2017

New Moon

This year has been rough. Dreams have evaporated. Hope has been stretched thin.  People have shown themselves to be less than I gave them credit for, and support systems have frayed.  Through it all, I have been feeling pretty awful.

I've neglected lots of things that made me happy int he past, and now, I have regrets.  Tonight is the last new moon of this calendar year, and I intend to use it to set my intentions for the coming cycle. New moons are great times for beginnings.

Under a cold, clear sky, I will remind myself that I love the sky- dark and full of stars, blue with fluffy clouds, grey with rain and fog, wild with thunderstorms.  I will remember that the light always returns, literally and metaphorically.  I will write down the new things to try and old things to let go of.  I am going to try to wrestle my life back into order, and I choose to start now.

I hope you can pause in your holiday preparations and take a few minutes to join me.  Go outside, if it's safe (or look out a window, if the weather isn't cooperative), and breath in the crisp air.  Let starlight soak into your eyes, skin, and heart.  Feel the sold earth beneath you.  Let this moonless night be a beginning.  Write down your intentions for starting new habits or new projects. Think about what you want or need to change, and make an agreement with yourself to try it.

Good luck and many blessings to you on this New Moon! I hope you emerge from it with ideas, energy, and the will to make things better.