Saturday, October 25, 2014

Missing autumn

A week ago, this tree was green.  I took this picture on Monday afternoon, while waiting for Aiden to get out of school, and it occurred to me that I am missing autumn do to being stressed and short of time.

I like spring and autumn. They are my favorite seasons because they are seasons of transformation and transition.  Usually, I spend lots of time admiring the changes that happen.  It's fun and makes me feel connected to the Earth.  Usually, I've had some funny views of the squirrels hiding their nuts, a few interesting interactions with he wild turkeys who are polite enough to use the sidewalks, and crows will have started staking out my fence in hopes of goodies.  I haven't had any of those because I've been glued to my phone and answering emails when I should have been taking walks.

I'm hoping that I can carve out a little time this weekend to really savor the season.  If I don't I'll probably regret not having some autumn memories to carry around with me.  I hope you are feeling more connected to things than I am, and if not, try to take some time to enjoy the season before it's gone.

Friday, October 24, 2014

It's been a rough few weeks. I've had bad news, upset plans, arguments, minor disasters, car problems (you know the problem is serious when my mechanic husband allows me to attempt to help because his big hands won't fit in the space to make a temporary repair and I do it with my yoga pants clad butt in the air because I have to kneel on the engine to reach), illness, and a lack of sleep.  Today, suddenly, I feel like I can breathe again. It's a nice feeling.

The stress didn't stop, in fact, I spent this morning on the phone dealing with a PTA issue. What happened was I finally let myself stop focusing on the stress.  I got things done, I took care of problems, I dealt with my disrupted plans, but I stopped reacting to the feeling.  When I did, I felt so much better, and I was able to actually deal with the situation.

It all just goes to show us that how we decide to deal withe hings makes new realities. If I had focused on how awful the situation was, instead of calling the people I knew could help, I probably would still be stressing on it. Instead, I the situation is mostly handled, until Monday, and I can let it go.  Now, if only I could find a way to remind myself of this next time I have too much stress, I'd be set.